Tuğrul Alpsunguroğlu

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Tuğrul Alpsunguroğlu
Nickname(s) Mad Turk
Τζορπάτζεσ (Tzorpatzes)
Born 1740
Sarajeli, Parkducentrale
Died 1795
Bingazı, Ottoman Tripolitania
Allegiance Ottoman Empire
House Alpsunguroğlu family
Rank Çorbacı
Spouse(s) Benevsha Khmazadokht
Children Ekmel Alpsunguroğlu
Elif Alpsunguroğlu
Relations Turgut Alpsunguroğlu (father)
Gülfem Alpsunguroğlu (mother)

Tuğrul Alpsunguroğlu was an Ottoman soldier, strategist and colonel. His title was Çorbacı (Colonel). He was given the nickname of "Mad Turk" from Russian prisoners of war. Throughout, his life he took part in seven major wars.

Early Life[edit]

His father was Turgut Alpsunguroğlu son of the famous pirate Hızır Reis Alpsunguroğlu and his Portuguese wife Fatma Çiçek Hatun. His mother was Gülfem Alpsunguroğlu daughter of Murad Bey, the Bey of Uzakarazi and Princess Hunyadi Abigél. His parents were of the Alpsunguroğlu family.

Military Career[edit]

His military prowess was most feared by Russians, Austrians and Greeks who called him "Threat to our existence".

He was killed in the Tripolitanian Civil War and was buried where he was martyred.

Personal Life[edit]

Following Fourth Russo-Ottoman War, the devastating Ottoman defeat and loss of parts of Caucasus to Russia, lead to several Caucasians to flee to Ottoman mainland. Then just a captain, Tuğrul married a Caucasian noblewoman Benevshe Khamzadokht, daughter of Khamza Agha. He had two children: