Togtekin Bendeguz

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This article follows Eastern-order naming conventions. Here, Bendeguz is the first-name and Togtekin is the surname. In Western-order naming systems and modern naming systems, this name is written as Bendeguz Togtekin.

Togtekin Bendeguz (1971-) is a Parker politician and incumbent mayor of Budapalota. He has been an active member in Respects League for three decades now. Bendeguz has since led the redevelopment of the iconic Plaza del Rey. The image of him has been passed around as an idol who stands up for the interests of the residents of Budapalota. He has faced severe backlash when it was came to knowledge that his brother Togtekin Bertalan was a member of far-right Magyar First party.

However, there is no evidence that he has participated in their activities. He is married to the Cettatian noblewoman Alice de Folouse.