Talha al-Barri

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Emir[1]Talha al-Barri[2] (born, Jan 3 1986) is the current Emir of Wudi. He was elected to the post in 2002, by the Majlis. Talha's ancestors (earliest, Xavier da Torres) belong to Berrio by origin. His great-grandfather converted to Islam and moved to Wudi. His father Yusuf al-Barri was a member of the Republican Army and resisted French colonialism. He resides in A Wudi Fejedelem Càzorja.

File:Emir Talha al-Barri.jpg
Emir Talha in 2009

He married Sarah Goodwin, a Lovian actress in 2016.


  1. An Emir is an Arab title and post awarded by the Government of Parkducentrale to the Chief of Majlis who rules the Arab State of Wudi in the name of Parkducentrale.
  2. al-Barri means Berrian; indicates his origin from Berrio.