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Sungur Alp (prev.Sarantos Hauteville) was the Strategos of Belekoma (now, Bilecik). He was a member of House Hauteville. His great grandfather was King William I of Sicily and his great grandmother was Princess Sophia of Hungary. Despite, his high ancestry, his father and grandfather were petty Dukes of Pescara. His brothers exiled him to Byzantium, where he was made Strategos of the Belekoma fort.

When he received a letter from Osman Gazi, he ordered his servant Godfrey (later, Gümüştekin) to surrender the Belekoma fort to Osman's army. Osman made him an ally, and appointed him as Bey of Bilecik. Later, Sarantos accepted Islam and became Sungur. Sungur, However, forfeited his position as Bey and joined Osman's army as a commander.

He married Sümeyye Hatun, a local Bey's daughter.

After Orhan I[edit]

Following Orhan I's death, Sungur supported Alaeddin I (Orhan's brother), while others supported Murad I (Orhan's son). He was murdered by the Moradites. He was however mourned by both Alaeddin and Murad.


Ancestors of Sungur Alp
16. King Roger II of Sicily
8. King William I of Sicily
17. Queen Elvira Jiménez of Sicily
4. Duke Dardot of Pescara
18. King Béla I of Hungary
9. Queen Sophia Arpad of Sicily
19. Queen Richeza Piast of Hungary
2. Duke Thonmas of Pescara
20. Count Pons of Tripoli
10. Count Raymond II of Tripoli
21. Countess Cecile Capet of Tripoli
5. Princess Melisende Rouergue of Tripoli
22. King Baldwin II of Jerusalem
11. Countess Hodierna Rethel of Tripoli
23. Queen Morphia of Jerusalem
1. Sungur Alp
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