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A Litho of King Stephen III.

Stephen III Arpad
Queen Queen Mary Plantagenet

Stephen III the Strategist (Hungarian: Támery III. István; 16 December 1120 – 3 April 1180) was King of Gezir from 1140 to 1180. He was the oldest son of King Oguz and his wife, Queen Olga Rurikid.

He also led the Kingdom through the _____. His reign faced the _____.

Early years[edit]

Stephen was born the eldest son of King Oguz, and Queen Olga Rurikid in 1120. Stephen's mother was daughter of Vladimir II Monomakh and she was of the Rurikovs.


Stephen was named after his Stephen I and Stephen II, who shared a common ancestor; Taksony of Hungary.


The court Amolius (teacher of the offspring of the King), Amoliusz Pető was appointed to teach Prince Stephen, Latin. He is said to have been conversational in both Gezirite Hungarian and Old East Slavic.


On 7th February 1140, King Oguz died due to a heart attack, and Stephen was coronated at the Magyar Abode of Death. His choice of place of coronation led to the First Coptic Revolt, which was a pyrrhic victory for the Kingdom, which made the Kingdom become indebted to the French to pay the cost of repairs. Among the creditors, was Geoffrey V of Anjou. Geoffrey was an important Norman ruler, who provided Stephen with Norman soldiers, who would help in establishing the city of Normánnpáldy in Hercegfalva State.

When Geoffrey married Empress Matilda, Stephen was said to have kept a celebration in the Palace.

War of _____[edit]

Plague of _____[edit]

Court Troubles[edit]

The Royal court had since the time of King Lazar I been increasingly Europeanised. The recently arrived French nobles were quite distant from the locals as well as Germanic, Slavic, Arab and Magyar nobles.

Stephen had decided to resolve their disputes. However, he was seen as being partial towards the French.

The monks of Ikrík caves, a secret cult who were usually hiding from public arose anti-French sentiments, which culminated in _____.

War of the Nobles[edit]

Building of The Sunset Palace[edit]

Building of Cathedral of St. Matilda of England[edit]

Marriage and Children[edit]

In November 1157, Stephen married Mary of Anjou, a daughter of Godfrey from Melanie de Cherbourg. It is believed to have been Stephen's idea to repay his favours as well as have a jure uxoris claim over Angevin territories, which he wanted to award to his children and expand the realm into France. They had four children:

  • Matild (1171-1232), Tourmarchinna of Gavdos.


It is generally believed Stephen fell from his horse, while strolling the palace garden.




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