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Kaptanzade Sabulç[1] Ayyıldız (1588-1644; Gezirite Hungarian: Ildeguz Kapitányfi Szabolcs; Ottoman Turkish: كپتان زاده صبولج آییلدز ) was an Uzakarazilu polymath, navigator, astronomer and explorer. He served at the courts of Beys Ahmed I and Suleyman I.


Early life[edit]

Sabulç was born to Kara Reis and a Paduan lady, Elişbe Aslıhan Hatun. His parents wanted him to become a pirate. However, he had an innate scientific temper and was interested in science from a very young age.


In 1601, Sabulç left Herseksarayı for Constantinople. He took education from a disciple of the famous Ottoman astronomer, Takiyüddin. He resided for eight years near Tower of Galata. He studied astronomy and navigation (latter of which his father laid the foundations). He was here, when his mother passed away in 1604.

Return to Uzakarazi[edit]

In 1609, Sabulç returned to Uzakarazi. He was appointed al-Muwaqqit (Müvekit) from 1611 and till his death.

In 1610, he lost his father to typhoid fever. His father's will left with him a lot of inheritance, which he received entirely owing to the fact that he was their single son.

Marriage and children[edit]

First marriage[edit]

His first wife was Latife Özlem Hatun (previously, Lucrezia Orsina Vizzana), a Bolognese singer. They married in 1610. They had five children, who formed the Fiçana[2] branch:

Second marriage[edit]

His first wife was Meryem Zeynepşah Hatun (previously, María de Zayas y Sotomayor), a Spanish writer. They married in 1612. They had four children, who formed the Sayaz[3] branch:


He passed away due to the Cold Spell of 1644, by hypothermia and frostbites.


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  1. Sabulç comes from the Hungarian given name Szabolcs.
  2. Fiçana derives from their mother's surname, "Vizzana")
  3. Sayaz derives from their mother's surname, "Zayas")

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