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Roger-Jacques Reverdin (Hungarian: Réverdin Rezső Jákob) was the last French Emir of Wudi. He was the great-grandson of the French-Swiss surgeon Jaques-Louis Reverdin.

Early Life[edit]

Roger was born in 1960 Jaques Gabriel and Anne Reverdin (née. Montblanc) in Cannes. Roger completed his education from Institut d'études politiques de Toulouse.


According to the governmental directives, Roger then 20 years old was appointed an Emir. At the time of his appointment, Roger had no knowledge of local customs and language.

He was notorious for changing the demographics of Arab Muslim majority by introducing Arab Christian Marionites from French Lebanon. Among the emigrées was Mauris el-Howayek (later, Hóváyék Maurisz), a patriarch of the House Hóvayék.

His tenure saw the Arab role in Republican Army increase. Which would lead to intensification of already growing Independence desire.

Beaufort Affair[edit]

Emir Roger faced a huge scandal when news of enriching policemen who abused locals became known. Inspecteur en chef Gaspard Beaufort was convicted of crimes by a local court, but freed due to his friendship with Roger. This incident led to the Friday Protest.

Personal Life[edit]

In 1981, Roger married Véronique Beaufort, a sister of Inspecteur en chef Gaspard Beaufort.



The Révész family descends from Roger and have increasingly Magyarized themselves in a bid to present themselves as locals and not foreigners.


Reverdin became famous for his Van Dyke beard, an iconic symbol among the elite. The style locally was named "Rezsői".

Prior to fighting in the Republican Army, several officers sported a Rezsői.

"Reverdin" has become a term for inexperienced people who attempted to assert dominance.

Roger is looked as an excellent example of how the French looked at the Arabs.