Raheel al-Qibtiyyah

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Rachael of The Copts
1st Queen of Gezir
Predecessor Post created
Successor Queen Gisela Berg-Gerresheim
Died 1070
King Peter Arpad
Issue Lazar Arpad
Coptic Ⲣⲣⲱ Ⲣⲁⲭⲏⲗ
Hungarian Királynő Kopti Ráhel
House House Arpad (marriage)
Religion Coptic

Raheel al-Qibtiyyah (Coptic:Ⲣⲁⲭⲏⲗ, Rakhel; Hungarian:Kopti Ráhel; English:St Rachael the Arab-Copt) was a Copt. Her maternal uncle Pope Zacharias was the 64th Pope of Alexandria. During the Gezirite Era, Copts were considered Arab Christians and hence she paved the way of peace between the Hungarians and the Arabs by marrying King Peter I. She was declared a Saint by Pope Christodoulos of Alexandria. Cathedral Basilica of St Rachael the Arab is named after her. Her son would become Lazar I, King of Gezir. It is believed that she persuaded Peter to sign the Peterite Pact. She was tolerant of her daughter-in-law's German ancestry.

According to Taqshawni bin Qays al-Midwâni in his book "Kitab al-Qir al-Aalinä":


Raheel was the niece of the Pope of Alexandria, through her mother. Her father descends from Jabalah V, King of Ghassan. So she is related to the Byzantine Awlâd an-Naqfûr, hence making her a Princess in her own right.