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Viscount Pierre Arpad (French: Viscomte Prince Pierre de Cannes et Gésir; 1811-1860) was a member of House of Árpád.


Early Life[edit]

He was the only son of Prince Kerkes Arpad and Josephine de La Pagerie together. He lived his youth in Hercegfalva Palota. His maternal half-siblings were Eugène, Duke of Leuchtenberg and Hortense, Queen of Holland.


He wrote a letter to Hortense's son, Emperor Napoleon the third inviting him to meet members of the Árpád dynasty and expressed his desire to settle in Cannes, where he was born. He also asked for Eugène's daughter, Caroline of France for marriage. Napoleon III accepted his wishes and proclaimed him Viscount of Cannes. Later, Napoleon would visit Uzakarazi to meet Árpád dynasty members.

Marriage and Children[edit]

In 1839, Caroline and Pierre married in a private ceremony. She gave birth to his three sons:


Ancestors of Pierre Arpad
16. Prince Konstantin Arpad of Gezir
8. Prince Olivér Arpad of Gezir
17. Alexandra Mavrokordatou
4. Prince Magyar Arpad of Gezir
18. Count Philips Albert van Horne
9. Countess Maria Philippa Albertina of Horne
19. Richeza Larsdottir Hafström
2. Prince Kerkes Arpad of Gezir
20. Duke Ferdinand Albert II of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel-Bevern
10. Duke Ferdinand Albert II of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
21. Princess Christine of Hesse-Eschwege
5. Princess Therese of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
22. Duke Louis Rudolph of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
11. Princess Antoinette of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
23. Princess Christine Louise of Oettingen-Oettingen
1. Pierre Arpad
24. Gaspard Tascher de Tascher-La Pagerie
12. Joseph Gaspard de Tascher-La Pagerie
25. Edmée Henriette Madeleine du Plessis
6. Joseph Gaspard Tascher de La Pagerie
26. François Bourreau de La Chevalerie
13. Marie Françoise Bourreau de La Chevalerie
27. Marie Thérèse Jaham
3. Josephine de La Pagerie of France
28. Joseph de Vergers-Sannois
14. Joseph François de Vergers-Sannois
29. Élisabeth Le Maigne du Plat
7. Marie-Rose Claire de Vergers-Sannois
30. Antoine Browne
15. Marie-Christine Françoise de Vergers-Sannois
31. Catherine des Vergers de Sannois