Peterite Pact

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Peterite Pact
Portion of the text, surviving today.
Portion of the text, surviving today.
Created Around 1040s
Location Wudi
Signatories Ádámfia Ábrahám, Peter I
Purpose Giving rights to Muslims



« بسم اللہ۔

ھذا وَثيقة فَرَضَ من بطرس الارباد الاول الی ابراھم الآدمي الوادوي تأسيس العھد السلامة و الوعدة التسامح۔ لا شخص من بلدي قتل شخص من عراب و تَعَبھم و لا کسر مساجدھم ؛ و امرتھم من حفظنا۔ و العراب الجنوبیة سنقلھم الی الشمال لان الجؤ مثل جؤھم۔ و بعد ھذا یوم ارض الشمال المغربي ارضھم۔

شاهِداً: ابراھم الآدمي الوادوي

(خطم بطرس الارباد)

القِرالعالي [1] ذو ملّتين




« “In the name of God. This is a document enforced by Peter I to Ádámfia Ábrahám of, Wudi, establishing a treaty of peace and the promise of tolerance. None should harass the Moors, nor remove them from power, break the Mozgits (Mosques). Nor shall their populace be killed; their women be safe.

The Moors settled in the South would be moved to the North, where conditions are similar to their original lands and where they can be stronger. The North-West would henceforth be a land of theirs.

In the presence of Ádámfia Ábrahám, this treaty is agreed to by both parties.

(Seal of Peter I)
King of two Faiths”



The Emirate of Wudi was established as an autonomous province of the Kingdom of Gezir. Ádámfia Ábrahám was its first Emir.


  1. Kiraly in Hungarian means King