Paul John Komnenos

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44pxThis page or section is about an evil person or entity.
Paul John Komnenos
Emperor and Autocrat of the Gazopolis
Born 1260
Died 1320
Empress Princess Annamaria Kantakouzene
Hungarian Komnénosz Janós Pál
Dynasty Komnenoi/Komnenos
Father John II
Mother Empress Irene

Paul John Komnenos (1260-1320) was the first member of Komnenoi dynasty to establish the Aftokratoría of Gazopolis. He is known as "The Greek Butcher" and remains among the most hated people in the history of Parkducentrale.


Early life[edit]

Paul John Komnenos was born to John Komnenos and his legal wife Empress Irene of Hungary. However, his childhood was rebellious and his proud nature complicated matters. Court nobles had understood that he would never inherit. His mother would soothe and calm him and his father would shout at him. This was their daily routine.

Military Activities[edit]

Chief of Raids[edit]

Upon reaching maturity and making himself content with the fact that he would never inherit, he decided to take control of annual raids in the boundary provinces. He would become famous for his raids and earned the epithet "The Gold-Bringer".


His father removed him from the raider post to prevent his popularity to overshadow the popularity of his elder brother Emperor Alexios II. In retaliation, he along with his loyal troops and fleet would escape to an isolated Island; where they would plan the Byzantium-Gezir War.

Aftokratoría of Gazopolis (Emperor of Gazopolis)[edit]

Byzantium-Gezir War[edit]

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His reign began in 1300 and he was coronated on May 27 1300. He executed King Farkas I and his Arab Emir Suhayl al-Waadawi. Later, he granted Act of Safety to the descendants of King Farkas I.

Paulian Purge[edit]

Mental Disorders[edit]

Paul John Komnenos's honour was hurt when his father had removed him from Chief of Raids. Since his childhood, he showed personality disorders.


Following the murder of Emir of Wudi, Suhayl al-Waadawi. Wudi Arabs and then Medwien Arabs revolted against the tyrannical domination of the Island. He used Visigothic mercenaries to crush the rebellion and had many prominent people hanged.

Marriage and Family Life[edit]

He married Annamaria Kantakouzene and had only one son:

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