Pap Konrád

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Pap Konrád (1830-1898) was a Catholic priest, head of the Moral Ordinance Council. He is credited for having formed a loosely democratic council for the first time in entire Parker history.

In 1860, when the Anglican Britishers took control of the Island. He asked the Viceroy to allow a council of Catholic ministers to lead in the matters of religious concern.

In 1862, MOC held its first meeting. The attendees were priests elected by church-goers of every church. Among the first decision was the prohibition of tobacco and closure of brothels. In May 1863, the council requested to end the Arab-British conflicts in Wudi. A few years later, the council issued a decree against vandalising Jewish property.

Pap Konrád was convicted of treason when letters to pro-Ottoman clerics were found at his residence. He was given Sainthood.