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Republic of Parkducentrale
PDC can be seen above North Africa
Official Language(s): Gezirite Hungarian, Arabic
Regional Language(s): Arabic, Parker Turkish
Demonym: Parker
 - President:
 - Prime Minister:
Dienes Felícia
 - Total Population:

1.95 million
Currency: Parker Euro

Timeline of the Kingdom[edit]

Time Event Changes
1040 Peter from House of Arpad discovered the Island State. Crowns Himself King of Gezir. The Kingdom of Gezir
1300 The Byzantine commander Paul, son of John Komnenos invades the Island. The Aftokratoría of Gazopolis
1560 Fakhreddin Bey attacks the last strongholds of the Byzantine Empire. The Ottoman Sultan appoints Fakhreddin as Bey of Uzakarazi (Faraway Land). The Beylik of Uzakarazi
1860 Nathaniel Styles invades the Island. Murders the Bey and sends his body to the Sublime Porte. Colony of Cazoshire
1900 Jean-Jacques Clérisseau acquires the Islands for the French. Colony of Charlogne
1990 Lord Adolph Karnwall Wilfred wins War of Independence. Republic of Parkducentrale

List of State Heads[edit]

List of State Leaders of Parkducentrale before 1990
Arpad Dynasty
Peter ILazar IOguz IStephen IIIZoltan IIGeza IIFarkas I
Komnenos Dynasty
Paul ILeo I Ptolemy IVasilis IHercules IAchilles I
Beyerlebeyi Era
Fahrettin IAhmet ISuleiman IBeyazit IMurat IMehmet IBilal I
British Colony Era
Nathaniel IJames I
French Colony Era
Jean IFrancis I
Republican Era
President WilfredPresident JeanPresident Felícia