Nathaniel Styles

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Nathaniel Styles
Born 1830
Died 1890
Nationality British
Occupation Viceroy
Years active 50
Known for Mass Murders and Brutal nature
Successor Jeremy Baldwin
Spouse(s) Christina Rossetti
Awards OBC

Nathaniel Charles Hanover-Styles (Lincolnshire, Great Britain, 4 March 1830 - Archikston, Cazoshire, 8 December 1890) was a British-origin filibuster, prince and the first Viceroy over Cazoshire. Nathaniel was the son of the Duke and Duchess of Lincolnshire. His role as a viceroy marked the beginning of colonial rule in PDC.



He married Christina Rossetti, a poet and writer. The couple didn't have any children. Nathaniel would later become the father of Valéry Durand, the first French Emir of Wudi.