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Magdalena von Habsburg or Mihrunnisa Beyhatun (August 14, 1532 in Innsbruck – September 10, 1590 in Hall in Tirol)[1] was a member of the House of Habsburg and was also a former Archduchess of ̣Austria. She married Fakhreddin I, the first Bey of Uzakarazi.


Magdalena was the fourth daughter from the fifteen children of Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor, and his wife Anne of Bohemia and Hungary. After her father's death in 1564, Magdalena took the vow at a monastery, and set out to establish a "royal convent" in Hall in Tirol, where like-minded women - both aristocratic and bourgeois - could lead a reclusive, pious and God-fearing life under the supervision of the Jesuits. However, she was forced to leave to Rome and then to Herseksarayı, due to court conspiracies led by Maria of Spain, wife of her brother Emperor Maximilian II. Magdalena survived three assassination attempts planned by Maximilian. She was exocommunicated in 1565.


Ancestors of Mihrunnisa Beyhatun
16. Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor[4]
8. Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor[3]
17. Eleanor of Portugal[4]
4. Philip I of Castile[2]
18. Charles, Duke of Burgundy[5]
9. Mary, Duchess of Burgundy[3]
19. Isabella of Bourbon[5]
2. Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor
20. John II of Aragon[6]
10. Ferdinand II of Aragon[2]
21. Juana Enríquez[6]
5. Joanna I of Castile[2]
22. John II of Castile[7]
11. Isabella I of Castile[2]
23. Isabella of Portugal[7]
1. Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor
24. Vladislaus II Jagiellon[9]
12. Casimir IV Jagiellon[8]
25. Sophia of Halshany[9]
6. Vladislaus II of Bohemia and Hungary[8]
26. Albert II, King of the Romans[10]
13. Elisabeth of Austria[8]
27. Elizabeth of Luxembourg[10]
3. Anne of Bohemia and Hungary
28. John de Foix, 1st Earl of Kendal[11]
14. Gaston de Foix, Count of Candale[11]
29. Margaret de la Pole[11]
7. Anne of Foix-Candale[8]
30. Gaston IV, Count of Foix[12]
15. Catherine of Foix[12]
31. Eleanor of Navarre[12]


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