Lucius Pollius Tasius

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Lucius Pollius Tasius, born around 300 BC, was a Roman explorer and traveller.


He was initially appointed by Roman Consul Gnaeus Cornelius Blasiol to travel and explore the Ptolemaic Ægyptus. Due to his success as a polyglot and relations with the higher chiefs, his expedition was beneficial for Rome, as well as for himself. Then he was appointed to Hispania. However, the Governor wasn’t kind to him and expelled him from his court. He along with his slaves would then set voyage in the Mare Nostrum.

A Roman bust of Tasius


He is best known for his Quas Ego Te Terras ex Hispania (Lands Away from Spain). Though it is said that he may have written 84 chapters on people he met and discovered. We only have 11 chapters today.

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