Lord Karnwall Wilfred

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File:Adolf K Wilfred.jpeg
PM Lord Wilfred in old age
File:Roman Statue Adolf K Wilfred.jpeg
Roman Bust of Lord Karnwall Wilfred in Budapalota Museum

Lord Adolph Karnwall Wilfred (Hungarian: Ánnbil Qàrnwall Wílfred Adolf; 1940-2002) was a German-origin Parker Freedom fighter. His family had migrated from Third Reich, following the ascension of Adolf Hitler. His mother was a German noble, Sofia von Doffroff, from the House Dovers.

They found refuge in the then French Charlogne. However, Adolph became weary of the Massacres committed by the French against the natives. 

He joined the Republican Army , an Underground society aiming at independence from the French. 

He married tbd and had one son, Albert Karnwall Wilfred.