Krisztina Arpad

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Àrpàd Krisztina Hercegnő
Vital statistics
Name Princess Krisztina Àrpàd
French Name Princesse Christiane de Gésir
Arabic Name الامیرة نصرانیّة الاربادی
(al-Ameerah Nasraaniyyah al-Arbaadiyyah)
Turkish Name Hristiyane Sultan Arpadoğlu
House House of Arpad
Birth 1659
Christianity (Catholic)
Islam (Sunni)
Ethnic Background
Hungarian (Gezirite)
Spouse Fejedelem Ùbàjdàllàh II
Parents Prince Pàl Arpad (Father)

Krisztina Arpad (1659-1719) was the princess of House of Àrpàd. She was later excommunicated and removed from the line of succession after conversion to Islam.


Krisztina was born in 1669, the eldest child of Prince Pàl Arpad and a lowborn. Krisztina had studied three languages ​​(Arabic, Hungarian and Turkish).

She had a younger brother, Olivér (born in 1660).

Marriage and family[edit]

She married Emir Ubaydullah II in 1679, and had three children: