Kàrà-Ede Andor

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This article follows Eastern-order naming conventions. Here, Andor is the first-name and Kàrà-Ede is the surname. In Western-order naming systems and modern naming systems, this name is written as Andor Kàrà-Ede.

Kàrà-Ede Andor (born in 1997) is a Parker actor and scriptwriter. He is quite famous for his young roles. He is famous for his roles as King Peter I in İttifak: Padişah Putrus'ın Hikayesi and Sultan Suleyman I in Water Palace.

Early Life[edit]

Andor was discovered abandoned on a street in 1997, by Janós and Edina Kàrà-Ede; who adopted him. The Kàrà-Ede descend from Edvárd an Ottoman official bestowed with the title Kara Ağa.



Personal Life[edit]

He married to Leminga van Zahring, a noblewoman.