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Jules Michel Dandré Verne (Hungarian: Dólszérn Dzsúl Mihály Dandér; 1885-1948) or simply Jules Verne Jr. was a French-origin Parker novelist and philosopher.


Early Life[edit]

Jules was born to Michel and Jeanne Verne (née. Reboul). He was the grandson of Jules Verne.

The couple resided in Cerbère, France at the time of his birth, to avoid costly residence in Paris. The Vernes were financially struggling and Michel was estranged from his father, Jules Verne.

In 1905, Jules Verne nominated Jules Jr. as his heir, and he was to receive the inheritance at the age of 18.


In 1912, Jeanne got a teacher's job at Lycée Saint-Exupéry, Blagnac. She requested for Jules's admission which was granted on grounds of financial dependence.

In 1914, Jules graduated. He mastered writing independently, using his grandfather's books as guides.

In 1923, he received his inheritance, which gave him enough money to travel to Charlogne, a French colony that had been famous in literary circles, as a new base for writers.

In Charlogne[edit]

In 1927, Jules Verne Jr. and Dominique Belloc travelled to Palais de Buda where they set up a publishing company, Presses BelVer.

Philosophical views[edit]


Jules Jr. was initially a surrealist writer, having little interest in pacifism. He advocated military participation to keep discipline in youngsters. He supported church attendance and curbing social decadence.

After meeting, Countess Varvara Lvovna Tolstaya, daughter of Leo Tolstoy (who he later married). Jules deviated into the realm of pacifism. He began to explore sufism, which later was reflected in his writing.

Marriage and children[edit]

In 1929, Jules and Varvara married at the L'église des Saints, Afandou, where they settled thereafter. They adopted the surname Tolserne, later Dólszérn. They had five children:

  • Bazil
  • István
  • Igor
  • Zsófia
  • Ljuba


Jules passed out on 29 December 1948. He was buried in the Dólszérn Family Cemetery.


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