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Jean-Baptiste Louis Durand (1980-) is a Parker politician who served as President of Parkducentrale for the longest time (18 years and 4 terms) and currently serves as secretary-general of the Respects League.


Born in Brunant, he is of French and British ancestry. His ancestors include the first French Emir of Wudi (Valéry Durand) and the first British Viceroy of Cazoshire (Nathaniel Styles).

In 1998, he was elected Mayor of Afandou. He resigned from his post in 2002, at the completion of his 4-year mayoral tenure.

In 2002, he put forward his name for Presidential candidacy after President Wilfred died.

He won the 2002 Parker Presidential election with 58% of vote share.

He won in 2005, 2010 and 2015 elections consecutively. However, he expresses no desire to contest in 2020 elections.

Marriage and children[edit]

Louis married a Cettatian noblewoman, Marie de Folouse in 2000. The couple have been known for their tolerance towards other faiths. In Ramadan every year, food is distributed to every mosque at the dusk time from their pockets. The couple have four children:

  • Michel Angelo
  • Matthias
  • Pierre
  • Marie

Presidential Era[edit]

In 2002 campaign, he promised to cut extra taxes, but after his victory unlike all previous election campaigns, he took action and this had a very positive effect in youth, for young Parkers had shown an indifference to their government during the previous decade.

In 2003, he was the first official to call for Parkducentrale's exclusion of parties of the far right.

In 2004, he was the second member of the Parliament to accept the idea of the Muslim veil in public.

In 2018, an assassination attempt by Magyar First on him failed. Further, Louis ordered constructions of a synagogue (Beth Shem) and to repair the Anglican Church of Cazoshire.

Honours, decorations, awards and distinctions[edit]