Ivan Zaharyas

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Ivan Zaharyas

Ivan sitting in his private hall
Born January 1 1890
Died Feburary 8 1970
Nationality Tsarist Russian
Other names Stephan van Zahring
Occupation Banker, Weapon trader, Smuggler, Murderer
Known for The Skorpion (in Parkducentrale)
The Skavenjer (in Brunant)

Ivan Zaharyas[1] (January 1 1890 – February 8, 1970), was a Russian Banker, Weapon trader, Smuggler and Murderer. One of the richest men in the world during his lifetime, Zaharyas was described as a “Trader of ill-Trades" and "mystery man of East". His success was forged through his cunning, often aggressive and cynical business tactics. These included the sale of arms to opposing sides in conflicts, sometimes delivering fake or faulty machinery and skilfully using the press to attack business rivals. He further used marketing knowledge to earn hordes of cash.

Zaharyas maintained close contacts with many powerful political leaders, including The Viceroy of Charlogne, Jean-Jacques Clérisseau, Prime Minister of Brunant, John Watson among others.

Early life[edit]

Ivan was the son and eldest of three children of a Russian merchant family.

Zaharyas' first job was as a paper-seller. It is thought he became a newspaper boy and later a grocer. It was then he got the intricacies of cheating in trade; something he later became proud of.

He was inspired by the legend of Zaharoff and soon found himself embezzling thousands in a day.

Later, finding allies in foreign diplomats and arms-dealers. He began selling arms and soon earned a fortune.

He received huge help from Jason Dovers, a Lovian buisnessman in the initial days of his entrepreneurship.


In Brunant, he posed himself as a noble ‘Stephan van Zahring’ and opened a shell-company ‘The Skavenjer’. He was said to have then joined the Central Bank’s Board. Infiltrating into the Position of directors. Slowly, he would divert the money and profits to ‘The Skavenjer’. Friendship with the Prime Minister ensured his safety from the Government’s Checking policies.

French Charlogne[edit]

The new French territory of Charlogne (modern, PDC ) was a lucrative site for investors. The French were further massacring the local populace. Zaharyas supplied ammunition to the Viceroy and earned his trust.

Later, The Viceroy would authorize ‘The Skorpion’ as a French Industrial Company, However, it was another shell-company.

Personal Life[edit]

In 1920, Zaharyas would marry Anna van Roodhuid, daughter of George von Avensburg and Princess Olga of Hanover and Cumberland. Thus, receiving the title of Count upon marriage. He would use his newfound connections for further gains.

He had seven children:


He was touring Europe for the twentieth time when his plane crashed in Monte Cristo. At the time of his death, he was the seventh richest man.


  1. He is the subject of a film, The Ruski Rogue (2020)