Hunyadi Abigél

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This article follows Eastern-order naming conventions. Here, Abigél is the first-name and Hunyadi is the surname. In Western-order naming systems and modern naming systems, this name is written as Abigél Hunyadi.

Hunyadi Abigél
Beyhatun • Hercegnő
Reign 1712-1737
Predecessor tbd
Successor tbd
Died 1737
Sarajeli, Parkducentrale
Spouse Murad Bey
Issue Gülfem Alpsunguroğlu
Full name
Hercegnő Hunyadi Abigél İlbilge Beyhatun
House Hunyadi (by Birth)
Alpsunguroğlu (by Marriage)
Father Hunyadi Elek
Mother tbd
Religion Catholic (Roman)
Styles of
Beyhatun İlbilge of Uzakarazi as consort
Reference style Beyhatun Hazretleri
Spoken style Vâlâ-İkbal Beyhatun Hazretleri
Alternative style Hazretleri


Her father was Hunyadi Elek, a descendant of Hunyadi Lászlo, through his father Hunyadi Kara-Bela. Her mother was tbd, the member of famous noble family, the tbd. Her brother was Hunyadi Gazsi. Despite, her family's wishes she married Murad Bey, the Bey of Uzakarazi. As a result, she was known with the Turkification of her name, İlbilge. Upon her marriage she became Bey'nin Hatun or simply, Beyhatun.

Marriage and Issue[edit]

Her marriage lead to birth of a daughter:


Ancestors of Hunyadi Abigél
16. Hunyadi Adorjan
8. Hunyadi Ferenc
4. Hunyadi Kara-Bela
2. Hunyadi Elek
1. Hunyadi Abigél