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The House of Moradević-Gonzaga-de'Medici-Hanover dates back to 16th-century with relations to other noble houses like House of Spani, House of Dukagjini and even the Ottoman dynasty.


Helen Sultan was the daughter of Şehzade Yahya (himself son of Murad III) and Anna Catherina Spani. Her father converted to Christianity after failing to secure his throne and was granted the County of Montenegro. He was baptized and named Alexander. Alexander's mother was Safiye Sultan, and of the House of Dukagjini and a daughter of Gjergj Dukagjini, son of Pal Dukagjini.

Alexander adopted the patronymic Moradević for his descendants. The Moradevićs would spread into Croatia, when Maurizio (son of Alexander) was named Count of Pula. Another son, Alessandro, would move to Malta. Leaving Alexander without any heir in Montenegro. Following, Anna's death Alexander died of grief of losing his beloved wife.

Helen married Giuseppe de'Medici, Prince of Ottajano and gave him a son: Morad Jahja Giovanni de'Medici.

Morad married Margherita Carla Gonzaga to obtain claims to Mantua. A zealot, he attempted to murder his immoral father-in-law Charles II. However, the attempt failed. Later, he planned a coup and called local bishops to ask for an excommunication. The papers were ready, however, the coup failed. Following such failed attempts, he was put in prison but released upon births of twins, Carlo Jahja de'Medici and Maria Elena Annetta de'Medici.

Maria Elena Annetta de'Medici (1660-1714) was a Princess of Ottajano and daughter of Morad Jahja Giovanni de'Medici and Margherita Carla Gonzaga. When, Sophia of Hanover visited Naples, she promised Margherita Carla Gonzaga, whose husband was imprisoned that when her "lovely son" Frederick Augustus of Brunswick-Lüneburg reached marriageable age, she would make Maria Elena her bride. Maria Elena set sail from Savoy on January 2 1680, she reached Lisbon on December that year and finally reached in Hanover by 1682 November. Coinciding with her fiancee's birthday. Maria and Frederick got married on January 4, nearly two years since she left her home in Mantua. When, Frederick’s brother was crowned King of Great Britain, Frederick and Maria were given Duchy of Lincolnshire. They had three sons and a daughter: Alexander Augustus, Maurice Frederick, George Mourat and Sophia Catherine.

In 1740, Duke Alexander Augustus served as an English diplomat to the Ottoman Empire, where he was given a dinner in Davudpaşa. Çavuşbaşı took the ambassador to his mansion prepared in Pera. On the day of the Ulufe Court, he presented his name to the Sultan. Mahmud I was quite elated to know that his 7th ancestor and the ambassador's 6th ancestor was the same Sultan Murad III. The Sultan gave to the Englishman the original family portrait of Murad III which was decorated with gold, silver and opals. The portrait was eventually displayed in London’s British Museum in 1819.

Countess Sophia Catherine of Warrington (1792-1861) was the daughter of Duke Frederick Augustus of Brunswick-Lüneburg of Lincolnshire and Duchess Maria Elena Annetta de'Medici of Lincolnshire. She was rebellious since childhood and married of her choice. She married John Dovers, 5th Baron Dovers. She gave birth to Frank Dovers, 6th Baron Dovers. She was a familiar face at British Museum, often photographed.

Duke Augustus assured that he would never receive the English throne, didn't return to London, but remained in Rome and converted to Catholicism. He married a noblewoman named Angelica Styliana (Anglicized to Angela Styles). He took up his wife's maiden surname and renamed himself to Alexandro Augusto Stylo. He died in poverty and had a son Carlo (later, Charles Styles). When George III, heard of the birth of Carlo who was in relation his uncle. He ordered that Angela and Charles be brought to England and to be given their Duchy of Lincolnshire.

Duke Charles Styles of Lincolnshire married a British noblewoman Emily Mountbatten. The Duke and Duchess of Lincolnshire married with the consent of King George IV in 1830. They had their first child, Nathaniel Styles, in 1830.

Nathaniel was a staunch colonist and hated the Orient. He visited the British Islands in the Eastern Mediterranean. It was here he decided to claim glory. He wrote to the George IV, his nephew that to remove his British citizenship and declare him a traitor. This way his actions would not affect the British international relations. In 1860, he invaded Parkducentrale with latest British weapons and an army of mercenaries. With a twist of luck, Nathaniel won the war. His first action was to murder the Bey and sends his body to the Sultan Abdulmejid I. He however never knew that he was in fact a descendant of the Ottomans. Following, his victory he asked George IV to proclaim him the British viceroy on Cazoshire. Despite many offers from Hungarian nobles for marriage, he married Christina Rossetti, a poet and writer. He is said to have a French mistress named Gabrielle Durand. He had an illegitimate son from her, Valéry Durand who later was the first French Emir of Wudi.

Gabrielle Durand was the daughter of Louise de la Harpe and Louis de Durand, and was born in 1829. She was the mistress of Nathaniel Styles, the English Viceroy over Cazoshire. She was the mother of Nathaniel's illegitimate son Valéry Durand, who would later be the first French Emir of Wudi. After Nathaniel's death, Gabrielle married Christina Rossetti's cousin, who was Nathaniel's brother in law. Her husband was Rodger Rossetti.

Valery Moradević-Gonzaga-de'Medici-Brunswick-Lüneburg-Styles-Durand was the illegitimate son of Gabrielle Durand and Nathaniel Styles, the British Viceroy over Cazoshire. He later became the first French Emir of Wudi. Arabs called him “al-Khameeri”, as he notoriously drank alcohol to such an extent that he could not even be up from his bed. He married a French immigrant to Charlogne, Anna Christine de Freyn and had a son Jean Louis Durand. He is also the grandfather of the former President of Parkducentrale, Jean-Baptiste Louis.

Jean-Baptiste Louis married a Cettatian noblewoman Irène de Folouse in 2000. He has four children: Michel Angelo, Matthias, Pierre and Marie.

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