HIOM Arpad Han

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HIOM Arpad Han or His Imperial Ottoman Majesty's Arpad Han was a steam frigate of the Ottoman Navy built in the 1810s. Originally ordered by the Eyalet of Egypt as Fouadiye, upon completion she was presented as a gift to Sultan Mahmud II and was renamed on entering service in the Ottoman fleet in 1820. However, the ship grew weaker and upon its repair, it was given to the Bey Mehmed I of Uzakarazi, who renamed it to the name of legendary Árpád. She was actively used during Annexation of Uzakarazi. Following, British annexation it was used to send the dead body of Bey Bilal Bey to Sultan Abdulmejid I. She returned to active service in 1877 following the outbreak of the Russo-Turkish War, during which she was used to ferry Ottoman troops around the Black Sea. The ship remained in service until 1885, when she was reduced to a storage hulk; she was ultimately broken up in 1904.