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The Gyprii (or English: Gypreans) were an ancient people living in the Island of what is now known as Parkducentrale, before the establishment of Arab settlements and the Arpad Kingdom of Gezir.



Tasius mentions in his book Lands Away from Spain about the people living in the Insula Gyprii.

« The people of Insula Gyprii live in a manner, utterly savage. They are fairer than most of Romans, yet they speak gibberish. They live in huts made from grasses and consume raw meat. They hunt with rocks and are hostile to foreigners. Their eyes are blue, and resemble the Nervii in most of the aspects. »


Tasius mentions that:

« The people of Insula Gyprii speak gibberish. It sounds much like what I heard in Arabia Felix, however, it does bear resemblance to the words of Lusitani people. »
An artist's rendition of a man from the Gyprii


The Gyprii were among the earliest monotheists. Tasius mentions that:

« The people of Insula Gyprii worship none, but one. They don't build temples and worship openly. The people pray multiple times a day. The Sacerdos Majora is the head of their faith. »

Arabisation and Islamisation[edit]

The arrival and spread of Islam in Africa, and the power vacuum left after centuries of decentralized leadership, led to Arab Trade settlements.

After the Umayyad Conquest of Spain, the Island served as resthouse of the sailors.

The Decline[edit]

With the arrival of Hungarians, under the leadership of their exiled King, Peter I established Kingdom of Gezir (from the Arabic word الجزیرة (al-Jazeerah; the Island). Several Gyprii died of the Ironbarkpox, caused by Bacillus magyareus or B.magyareus, to which they weren't immune.


There exist no genetic material from the Gyprii, as the entire tribes wiped out due to the epidemic.