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Geza II Arpad
Queen Queen Alix Lusignan

Geza II the Ambitious (Hungarian: Nagyravágyó II. Géza; 1 March 1200 – 31 May 1260) was King of Gezir from 1220 to 1260. He was the oldest son of King Zoltan and his wife, Adelaide of Poland. He also took part in the Sardinian Crusade against the Hafsid Kingdom.

Early years[edit]

Geza was born the eldest son of King Zoltan II of Gezir, and Adelaide of Poland in 1200. Geza's mother was daughter of High Duke Casimir II of Poland and she was of the Piast dynasty.


Historians give three possibilities for his name:

Education and Early Military participation[edit]

At the age of 14, Geza was sent to Poitou, France at his grandmother's ancestral manor to be tutored by French clergy and nobility. He was drafted by his tutor, Rogerus de Saint-Yves into the Albigensian Crusade, to teach him the art of war. His participation helped him raise his rank and made him a favourite amongst French clergy.

In 1219, Geza moved to Rome to serve the Pope Honorious III, who he became friends with.



On 8 March 1220, the news of demise of King Zoltan II, reached Geza, who was immediately coronated in proxy.

Geza reached the Kingdom on 15 August and was welcomed with lot of pomp, probably staged by his Polish mother.

In the following summer, Geza was diagnosed with recurrent eczema, which led him to confine himself in his palace, The Sunset Palace. It is believed to have contributed to his aggressiveness, loneliness and ambition.

Sardinian Crusade[edit]

Dzsbeli Civil War[edit]

Priests' Rebellion[edit]

Seven Months Rebellion[edit]

Marriage and Children[edit]

In October 1218, Geza married Alix of Lusignan in the city of Exoudun.

  • Anasztasiya (1220-1290)
  • Grizelda (1226-1240)
  • Farkas I (1240-1300)
  • Rudolf Frigyes (1241-1279)
  • Ákos Vajk (1242-1291)



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