Fall of To Paláti

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Fall of To Paláti
Part of the Ottoman wars in Europe

The Ottoman soldiers posing for a painting after wining To Paláti
Date 1st November 1560
Location To Paláti
Result Ottoman Victory
Aftokratoría of Gazopolis Ottoman
Arab Volunteers
Commanders and leaders
Alexios Komnenos Surrendered Fakhreddin Bey
Caius Vadius/Vadilu Keis
70,000 men
50,000 infantry
20,000 cavalry
86,000 men
49,000 infantry
37,000 cavalry
Casualties and losses
~70,000 casualties ~52,000 casualties

Fall of To Paláti or Invasion of Gazopolis by the Ottoman Empire in 1560. The invasion occured on the pretext of Gazopolitans who swore fealty to the Ottoman Sultan Suleyman I and asked him to relieve them of Emperor Alexios I. Following the war, the last Byzantine remnant state was lost.

File:Fall of To Paláti.jpg
Painting by Seyfci Muhtar