Fakhreddin Bey

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Fakhreddin Bey
Fakhreddin Alpsunguroğlu
1st Bey of Uzakarazi
Monarch Suleyman I
Selim II
Murad III
Sadr-ı Beylik(s) Prince Ottó Arpad (Osman Bey Çelebi)
Prince Kachrulion Komnenos (Kahraman Bey Çelebi)
Preceded by Position created
Succeeded by Ahmed I
Personal details
Spouse(s) Mihrunnisa Beyhatun
Known for Strategism
House Alpsunguroğlu
Birth 1530
Birth Place Istanbul
Death 1590
Death Place Sarajeli
Military service
Allegiance Ottoman Empire

Fakhreddin bin Tapar bin Sanjaar bin Rumays bin Ridwaan bin Uwaaq bin Shaaghri bin Altun bin Sungur Alp or Fakhreddin Alpsunguroğlu (b. 1530- d. 1575) was the first Bey of Uzakarazi, and the father of his two successors Selim I and Ahmed I. Fakhreddin was a descendant of Sungur Alp, from whom the Alpsunguroğlu family descends. The family itself descends from the Hauteville dynasty and has Norman origins.


Fakhreddin's father, Tapar Bey had been a close confidante of Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha. However, after the latter's death was quickly supressed by Rüstem Pasha. Young Fakhreddin was adopted by Sinan Pasha, Rüstem's brother and an admiral.


Architectural Endeavour[edit]

He ordered the construction of Fahriyye Mosque.


He was married to Mihrunnisa Beyhatun, an Austrian archduchess. The couple had a son:

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