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Féràday József (21 January 1990 in Budapalota) is a Parker footballer who currently plays for FC Palota in the Parkducentrale as a midfielder.

Early Life[edit]

His father was a musician and was always a supporter of the national teams. From the age of seven, József was training football and playing the game at his local park. He started playing in a club at the age of 12 and after his older brother Vilmos joined FC Palota when he was 16. However, due to untimely death of Vilmos. FC Palota began its training for József. Though he made his professional debut in 2009, the first goal he scored for his club during an inter-club match was in 2007.

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Marriage and Issue[edit]

József married the famous Parker singer Karla in 2012. They met at a birthday party.

« I've been really lucky in my life. I got married to a young woman in the age group I am – in my mid 20s. Karla is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. She is gorgeous and she is at the same time funny and really caring. So we've been through difficult times together. She has made me a better person and she is a great role model for women in Parkducentrale and abroad. … We are doing really well, and she has made me more independent, and has helped me think about the future. And Karla has taken me to professional life, and has taught me a lot about doing things professionally. She has been a really great help. »

Together they have 3 children: Anna (7), Gábor (5) and Mariusz (3).