Erik Arpad-Anders

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Àrpàd-Ànders Erik Herceg
Vital statistics
Name Prince Erik Àrpàd-Anders
Arabic Name الامیر ریق الاربادی (al-Ameer Rêq al-Arbaadi)
Turkish Name Şehzade Rik Arpadoğlu
House House of Arpad
Birth 1978
Christianity (Catholic)
Ethnic Background
Hungarian (Gezirite)

Prince Bendek Arpad-Anders (Father)

Residence Hercegfalva Palota, Hercegfalva

Prince Erik Arpad-Anders (Gezirite Hungarian: Árpád-Ándersz Erik Ignác Antal Karóly; 3 March 1978) is a member of Parker Gezirite royal family and Patriam royal family. He is the eldest son of Bendek Arpad-Anders and Infanta Béatrice of Segovia. He is currently the first in line to the defunct Gezirite throne. If he becomes the King, his title would be King Eric I of Gezir.

Born in Hospital General, Segovia, Spain, Erik was educated at Sacred Heart School and University of Léon. He learned International and Spanish law at Faculty of Laws.

The Prince is a dual-citizen of both Spain and Parkducentrale. He holds patronage of 7 charities and organisations.

Early Life[edit]

Prince Erik was at birth given the names Eric Ignatius Antony Charles were announced by Hercegfalva Palace in the evening.

He was baptised by Archbishop of Segovia, Antonio Palenzuela Vélaquez on 8 March 1978.

Known as Rico amongst family circles and Ericus Princeps in the Segovian Church records.

He learned Spanish, French, Basque and Gezirite Hungarian.


Prince Erik moved to Soule, France in 2000. There he constructed Zuberoa Palace in Ainharp.

After the death of his aunt, Princess Sarah in 2000, he moved to Hercegfalva. He was elected family chief after her funeral.

In 2002, he was appointed lawyer in Parker Supreme Court.

In 2015, he declared his candidacy and won tbd seats as an independent candidate. He was made Minister of Cultural Affairs.

In 2020, he was among the signatories of the Conservative Front formation pact. The party won tbd seats.

Marriage and children[edit]

On 9 January 1998, Erik married Alize-Hillargi Arana Mezkitaga, great-granddaughter of Luis Arana, a Basque nationalist. Alize influenced Erik and he espoused Basque nationalism. Erik adopted the name "Printze Euric", as his official name in Basque. In the same year, his son Prince Henrik was born.


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