Duchy of Arodegia

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Amaury de Montfort (later, Móntfort-tól Imre or Emericus Monscastrae) was the son of Simon de Montfort and Eleanor of England. He served as a Papal minister and was a resident at the University of Padua.

After being permanently exiled from England, he moved to the court of King Geza II of Gezir.

King Geza got Amaury married matrilineally to his daughter Princess Alice Adelaide.

Amaury and Alice had two sons: Solomon and Alfred.

King Farkas I appointed Solomon and Alfred as joint-Dukes of Arodegia.

Both Solomon and Alfred were martyred upon Greek Invasion.

The children of Solomon and Alfred were members of the Arpad dynasty due to the matrilineal union between Amaury and Alice.

However, due to the Arpkó law followed in the former Kingdom, only the descendants of King Farkas I can inherit the Gezirite throne, leaving the Emericite branch out of the line of succession.

This branch however still goes with the Arpad surname.

They are hereditary Dukes/Duchesses of Arodegia (Latinisation of the Hungarian form of Montfort).

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