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This article follows Eastern-order naming conventions. Here, Felícia is the first-name and Dienes is the surname. In Western-order naming systems and modern naming systems, this name is written as Felícia Dienes.

Her Excellency

Dienes Felícia
3rd President of Parkducentrale
Assumed office
15 April 2020
Preceded by Jean-Baptiste Louis
Personal details
Born 21 June 1982
Péntekhely, Sarajeli State
Citizenship Charlognean
Political party Respects League
Spouse(s) John Craig Ilava
Residence Presidential Chateaux
Education Law
Alma mater Sarajeli State University
Known for Social Activism
Awards (see more

Dienes Felícia (born 21 June 1982) is a Parker politician, lawyer, and environmental activist who has been President of Parkducentrale since 30 April 2020. Felícia is the first woman[1] to hold the presidency, as well as the second youngest president in the history of Parkducentrale, elected at the age of 38.

She first became known by prevailing in a half-decade-long struggle for accessible education in her hometown of Péntekhely. For this, Felícia was awarded the 2016 Erdős Activism Prize.

Felícia won the 2020 presidential election with 55% of the vote in the run-off. "We’ll keep the interest of our glorious nation above the interest of individuals. Nation before self!," she told an interviewer.

Early life and education[edit]

Felícia was born into a family of cobblers in Péntacalle, in what was Charlogne. She has described her upbringing as having occurred within "a very confessional domain".

She studied at the Sarajeli State University in Sarajeli, graduating in 2004. Between 2006 and 2008 she completed the training in Political Management, accredited by the Ministry of Education.

Early career[edit]

After concluding her education, Felícia who had rebelled against pre-maturity marriage, wanted to get work before she bound herself in "marital bondage". She was appointed in the local government of Péntekhely first as an assistant in the legal department, and later as a deputy to the city mayor.[1]

Between 2008 and 2014, Felícia worked with Edukate!, a non-governmental organization, as a lawyer, in Péntekhely, for more than six years, she was at the forefront of a public campaign demanding primary and higher education for all. In 2015, Jean-Baptiste Louis, called out for a special parliamentary meeting, where he came in her support. The Parliament accepted Edukate!'s demands in purview of international pressure. Felícia instantly became a hit among the youth, who called her "Madamme Karnwall".[2]

Political activities[edit]

Impressed with her determination and political awareness, President Jean invited her and members of MarryLate to Presidential Chateaux, where Jean asked her to seek glory in the Political institution of Parkducentrale. In December 2015, Felícia announced her entry into Respects League, and in January 2016, she was elected appointed as Secretary-General of the Party.[1]

Hunyadi Karóly, The Party President asked her to contend in the 2020 Elections, to which she agreed. In Feburary 2020, she resigned from her post due to her presidential candidacy. Felícia was the party's only candidate in the 2020 Parker presidential election after defeating Görög Ján 3-4 in the Party election on 24th Feburary.

When President Jean contracted coronavirus, the election was preponed upon his resignation.[3] It was the first time, an online ballot system was used in purview of the pandemic. She proceeded to be elected president, after receiving over 55% of the vote and beating her opponent tbd, a candidate of Magyar First, the second largest party.


In a press conference held on 29 Feburary 2020, Felícia announced her bid for the Parker presidency in the 2020 presidential race, having been chosen candidate by Respects League. She said she had felt compelled to run for the Presidency after Magyar First degraded her fellow candidate Görög Ján.[1]

After winning, she was taken to Presidential Chateaux, where a faux-coronation took place. Parker tradition dictates that every ruler; monarch or not, to be coronated. The royal and noble families greeted the President. However, the former President couldn't attend, as he was being treated for the corona virus.[3]

She has to now work to protect civilians from the ongoing corona virus cases. As of April 15 (4.30 PM GMT), the country possesses 1017 confirmed cases, 132 recoveries and 9 deaths. [3]

Political positions[edit]


Felícia has been an active campaigner in inter-faith tolerance. Among her best friends is Sarah Goodwin, a Jewish lady who is also the wife of Emir Talha of Wudi. She has been a frequent visitor of the Qasr al-Ameer. Felícia has been present at various synagogues, churches, mosques and temples.


Prior to the Election campaign, Felícia has been a well known for her republicanism, including asking governments to detitleify the nobles and to establish a truly republican Republic. When her candidacy was announced, several members of noble families formed the Conservative Front and participated in the Elections.

Youth Participation[edit]

On her campaign website, Felícia says that "no change could be achieved by keeping the youth in dark cages. The power of the nation rests with the young".

During her social activism, she realised the potential of youth to drive development.


Addressing a press conference, she said: "We want greater powers to the states, we don't want one state[4] only to appear as an autonomous country. Greater power will ease decentralised development".


Felícia is an environmental campaigner. Climate change mitigation is one of her highest priorities, and for that reason she is lowering subsidies for coal and other fossil fuels. Felícia has promised to began afforestation of the North-Western Desert.

Felícia holds that environmental protection should include stopping illegal deforestation, smuggling and heavy penalties on defaulters. She has said that "one must get in connection with nature, to awaken spiritually". She has promised to build a sanctuary for desert-life to prevent ongoing extinctions. "Development with Nature and not without it!", she said during a rally.

Personal life[edit]

Felícia is a devout Catholic, but has described herself as "believer, yet in private". Prior to her marriage, Felícia had said that she were wiling to bind herself but with a suitable chivalrous individual. Prior, to the Election, she had lived briefly in Budapalota, the capital city. She is very interested in dramas, arts and soccer. According to her, she possesses no interest in "anything musical". She married John Craig Ilava, a Lovian noble and singer in a private ceremony on 6th March 2021.


For her strong and resolute leadership regarding the Edukate! affair, Felícia was awarded the Erdős Activism Prize in 2016. Laureates of this prize are selected by Hungarian jury and experts from around the Magyar sphere (Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Parkducentrale, Serbia) who have distinguished themselves for having a lasting and significant impact on social activism. The Erdős award was delivered to Felícia in Budapest. The text of the prize states that she was awarded for her "relentless struggle against the practise of early marriage in the town of Péntekhely, which, if ignored, would further damage the young couples who have been given such a great responsibility of the future at such an immature age".


National honours[edit]

International honours[edit]


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