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Historical facts
Alternate names Budinpulete (Turkish)
بلغابولاد [Bilghabulad] (Arabic)
Boedapalotás (Dutch)
Founded 1999
State Budapalota State
Population 4,197,413
Chief Minister Togtekin Bendeguz
Postal code 9145
File:Budapalota map.png
Map of Budapalota

Budapalota is the capital and largest city of Parkducentrale with a population of almost 4 million.

Budapalota is the political center of the country, as seat of Government and location of most government offices. Thus the Parliament, President and major government agencies are based here. The Chief Minister is Togtekin Bendeguz.

Budapalota is one of the newest cities in Parkducentrale, having been founded in the late 20th century.

The new Budapalota International Airport is located to the south, and several major train stations and lines can be found crossing the city.


Recent history[edit]

Budapalota, was chosen by President Wilfred as the most neutral place for the capital. He wanted to stabilize the country, by first having a stable capital.


The current Budapalota Government is led by the Respects League, headed by President Jean and his Chief Minister Togtekin Bendeguz.


Budapalota has very mild winters and warm to hot summers and thus enjoys plenty of sunshine throughout the year, with an average of about 200 days of sunshine and only about 100 days with precipitation annually.


Budapalota has a very diverse culture owing to its large size and population. The city has traditionally been influenced by Hungarian, Greek, Turkish, French and Anglophone cultures. More recently, the significant population of Asian and African origin has brought multiculturalism and the introduction of new foods.

Twin cities and towns[edit]


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