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Emir Aryush "Franz" bin Awân al-Jarbawi (1960-1992) was the 43rd Emir of Wudi and the first after the Independence from the French. According to historians, his full name was: Aryush bin Awân bin Dunâsh bin Nissim bin Yahudâ al-Jarbawi. He was of Jewish origin and his ancestors lived in an Island of Djerba. He was an energetic organizer and an enthusiastic reformer.

Early Life[edit]

Aryush was born in 1960 to a poor family on the Island of Djerba, Tunisia. His family were devout Muslims and had emigrated to Vudie. The family took up the occupation of bakers.


Despite, the meager income, his parents enrolled him in École centrale du Vudie, a government funded school, where he was taught French, History, Science and Law. The French faculty however discriminated and he was made to write tests for the children of Pied noirs. It was this period that filled him with anti-french sentiment.

In 1979, he was given a rare scholarship to study at the Paris Institute of Political Science. Here he met _____, whose revolutionary ideas influenced him to join the Republican Army in late 1979.

Revolutionary era[edit]

The Republican Army led by Adolphe Wilfred granted him the pseudonym "Franz".

In December 1980, Franz returned to Vudie, where he visited tribal leaders. Tribes pledged their allegiance to Franz, for an Independent Wudi. This came to be known as the December Alliance.

On 16th January 1981, Franz and his men lit up the private mansion of François Antoine Baumé, the French Emir of Vudie. Franz was arrested and imprisoned for five years on charges of public disharmony.

In 1894, Members of December Alliance- Ridwan bin Qaysar, Fahad bin Naymar and Yusuf al-Barri among others had a meeting with Wilfred. This is seen as beginning of a united Independence struggle. This meeting took place at a local slaughter house, to prevent any suspicion.


On _____ 1990, Karnwall Wilfred announced Independence. Subsequently, the next day was decided to be a referendum in Wudi for the fate of the Arab state.

Around 54% of the state agreed upon becoming an Emirate and chose Aryush as its first Emir. The Emirate would be a part of the Republic of Parkducentrale.

Emiral career[edit]

In 1991, He established a committee for Committee for Standardisation of Arabic, which aimed to cleanse the language of English and French influences.


He died of natural causes on 28 April 1992. He was succeeded by Fahad bin Naymar.

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