Alexios Komnenos

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Alexios Komnenos
Emperor and Autocrat of the Gazopolis
Predecessor Theodore I
Born 1480
To Paláti
Died 1560
Empress Louise of Savoy
Hungarian Komnénosz Akhilleusz
Dynasty Komnenoi/Komnenos
Father Theodore I

Emperor Alexios Komnenos or Alexios I (1480-1561) was the son of Emperor Theodore I and Astrid Habsburg of Austria.


He was fluent in Greek, Hungarian, Latin and Old French. It is believed that he suffered through mental issues, maybe a genetical gift from his mother, who belonged to the Habsburg family.


He married Louise of Savoy. He ordered that his grave be adorned with the writing, "Trouble me and Widow your wives".

Fall of To Paláti[edit]

Due to his behaviour, a group of Gazopolitans swore fealty to Ottoman Sultan Suleyman I, who appointed his general Fakhreddin Bey, as the Bey of the far-land (Uzakarazi'da Bey). Fakhreddin would gather the Yeniçeriler (Janissaries) of Manisa and invade Gazopolis. Following, the victory Alexios Komnenos was placed in To Paláti as house arrest. When Alexios tried to escape, he was placed in a cage, Kafes. He was found dead in 1561 after having banged his head on the bars of the cage repeatedly.

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