Albert Karnwall Wilfred

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File:Albert K Wilfred.jpg
Albert at the premiere of The Ruski Rogue

Lord Albert Karnwall Wilfred (Hungarian: Ánnbil Qàrnwall Wílfred Albert​​​​​​​;1 January 1982) was born in Budapalota, is a Parker film and television actor. He is the son of Parkducentrale's first Prime Minister Lord Karnwall Wilfred.


He first gained fame for his role in The Ruski Rogue (2020) and the TV series. He played the lead character of King Ambroos I in Direction: Emperor Ambroos's Tale.

Personal Life[edit]

In 2012, he married Bátesz Kasidy, then a law school student. They have three kids: Janós, Dömötör and Imre.