Ahmed Bey

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Ahmed Bey
Ahmed Alpsunguroğlu
2nd Bey of Uzakarazi
Monarch Murad III
Mehmed III
Ahmed I
Mustafa I
Osman II
Sadr-ı Beylik(s) Prince Kachrulion Komnenos (Kahraman Bey Çelebi)
Prince Frigyes Arpad (Ferid Bey Çelebi)
Preceded by Fakhreddin I
Succeeded by Suleyman I
Personal details
Spouse(s) Mihrimah Beyhatun
House Alpsunguroğlu
Born 1560
Birth Place Sarajeli
Died 1620
Death Place Sarajeli
Military service
Allegiance Ottoman Empire




He was married to Mihrimah Beyhatun, an Italian noblewoman. She was the widow of Duke Alfonso II of Ferrara, but could not produce his heir. She fled to Uzakarazi, upon annexation of Ferrara by the Papacy. The couple also didn't have any children.