Agnes of Bavaria, Empress of Gazopolis

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Agnes of Bavaria (1335 – 11 November 1352) was a Bavarian princess from Munich and a member of the House of Wittelsbach.

The daughter of Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor.

She was the wife of Emperor Constantine I.


Ancestors of Agnes of Bavaria, Empress of Gazopolis

16. Louis I, Duke of Bavaria
8. Otto II, Duke of Bavaria
17. Ludmilla of Bohemia
4. Louis II, Duke of Bavaria
18. Henry V, Count Palatine of the Rhine
9. Agnes of the Palatinate
19. Agnes of Hohenstaufen
2. Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor
20. Albert IV, Count of Habsburg
10. Rudolf I of Germany
21. Hedwig of Kyburg
5. Matilda of Habsburg
22. Burchard V, Count of Hohenberg
11. Gertrude of Hohenberg
23. Mechtild of Tübingen
1. Agnes of Bavaria
24. John I, Count of Hainaut
12. John II, Count of Hainaut
25. Adelaide of Holland
6. William I, Count of Hainaut
26. Henry V, Count of Luxembourg
13. Philippa of Luxembourg
27. Margaret of Bar
3. Margaret II, Countess of Hainault
28. Philip III of France
14. Charles, Count of Valois
29. Isabella of Aragon
7. Joan of Valois
30. Charles II of Naples
15. Margaret, Countess of Anjou
31. Maria of Hungary